Easy to use

Simple & modern API to integrate with any e-commerce store or use our Merchant plugin.

Integrates in hours, not days.

Schedule delivery

Avoid losses due to cancellations as end customers can schedule a change of delivery slot.

We rate your customer

Get data on end customer behavior to restrict/promote features

like cash on delivery.

Real time tracking

End customers can track the delivery status as well,

improving end user experience.

Route Optimization

Our route optimization algorithm ensures

that we are able to deliver more in less time.


Integrate with Sendfast API’s

Easy assisted integration with our APIs.

Average integration time is 12 hours.

Send packages to us

Send packages to our warehouse and

get a delivery confirmation about the receipt of the package.

Real time tracking

Track the status of your package at all

times from the dashboard.

Delivered sucessfully

Our tech enabled platform and huge reach of network partners

in Tier II and III ensures 100% successful delivery.



We are trusted by some of the biggest names in e-commerce industry.

Sendfast has been very diligent and responsive in the last mile delivery sector. Working in a difficult terrain like Hyderabad, they have managed to keep performance up and attrition down. My best wishes to them to keep operating in the efficient mode all along!


ADM Delivery head, Flipkart